Friday, 15 August 2014

Appaswamy Real Estates Ltd – TSS Krishnan, COO

Appaswamy Real Estates Ltd – TSS Krishnan, COO, A Committed Approach

Appaswamy Real Estates Ltd – TSS Krishnan, COO of Appaswamy Real Estates Ltd talks about the company’s attention to detail, customer appreciation and more.


Appaswamy Real Estates Ltd started out when Chairman S. Appaswamy turned entrepreneur in the late 50s. They are a name synonymous with the city and are pioneers in apartment construction. The company ventured into this business about five decades ago and continues to be strong residential players. TSS Krishnan, the COO says that they choose locations where development is required. “We try to source lands where development is required rather than pick land in far off places where infrastructure is yet to catch up. We are a city-centric player and that has worked well for us.”

The real estate scene has undergone a paradigm shift from then and Krishnan feels that the key factors contributing to this is development of the economy, affluence and customer requirements. “The basic housing requirements have changed. Before, a customer wanted long lasting houses with maximum space inside the house. There was less focus on amenities and more focus on the value. But now, aesthetics are far more important. The scene has evolved tremendously and esteem value and how you showcase a product is relevant now. Basically, the exposure and purchasing power has changed the real estate scene.”


Appaswamy’s main focus is on timeliness, quality and aesthetics. Importance to architectural features processes, detailing and finishing are the highlights. Quality is important to them, which is why Appaswamy ensures only top quality materials are used in the process. In essence, the brand is a blend of modernity and tradition. Reliability is another feature that this brand promises its customers. Since its inception, the brand has been there for over five decades making them a common name in the city. In addition, Appaswamy’s price points have always been fair as they believe in leaving something on the table for the customer, according to TSS Krishnan is their biggest USP. After sales services and a committed, diligent, thoughtful approach is what the brand provides. TSS Krishnan feels that the biggest award that he can get is the people’s trust. “We consciously do not take part in any competitions or awards. We believe in letting our buildings do the talking,” says he.


“When you buy from Appaswamy, you know you have a winner in terms of reliability, quality and appreciation of investment.”

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