Friday, 22 August 2014

BBCL - Pursuing Excellence - Vummidi Ananth

BBCL  - Pursuing Excellence - Vummidi Ananth

BBCL Caters to Every Need of the Customer - Be it location, Space or Amenities…


Established in 1986, BBCL is Chennai’s trusted developer operating in three segments of residential development such as Premium/Luxury/Ultra Luxury. Currently, the company has over 2 million sq.ft. of
residential space in various locations. In the last two decades, the company has executed over 40 projects in the city. BBCL flaunts a dedicated team of in-house professionals, consultants and architects who use a variety of efficient construction technologies for unparalleled quality of construction, and timely delivery of projects. BBCL believes that a home is where the heart truly is. Hence, they aspire to infuse life into living in every endeavour that they undertake.

BBCL Vummidi Ananth

BBCL has been consistently pursuing new trends by engaging several architects of repute – both domestic and international, to forge innovative concepts and excel in efficient space management. Their focus is also on the improvisation of unimaginable life style.

BBCL pays utmost attention to every single detailing, be it legalities or timelines. BBCL indentifies, synergizes and leverages dispersed capabilities, forging the innovation of various products. BBCL aims to set new standards for quality in creating the home that reflects its true brand philosophy -
‘Adding Life to Living’.


BBCL offers clients a choice of location and budget. All projects of BBCL from 2013 are Green Building ‘Pre-Certified by IGBC’ and are segmented in the categories of ‘Premium’, ‘Luxury’, and Ultra Luxury’.


“The outlook of homebuyers in Chennai is witnessing a paradigm shift towards modern living concepts. Customers expect more, apart from a good location and price. They are aware of new concepts such as row houses, clubhouses and entertainment decks.

Customers are now looking for quality of life and space which has raised the costs to a builder, propelling them to craft the ultimate homes. This has widely determined the demand for any project/development and has become the differentiating point as part of the home buying  experience for consumers.

BBCL intends to set this trend of providing a great home replete with modern and international concepts like environmental-friendly homes, better technology and space management and is forging ahead in the market’s changing need.”

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